Our History, Back in The Day…

Find a McSherry, and you’ll find a story waiting to be told. Their roots run deep and their memories are as rich today, as the day they were made. Their passion for this area and its people is as strong as the trees they have planted. Filled with life, their stories unfold, just like this account of how McSherry’s came to be.

McSherry’s Nursery began in 1962 when Tom McSherry and his wife, Dorothy, purchased a seedling nursery from Western Maine Forest Nursery. Tom had been working as an arborist and tree surgeon for the nursery and was ready to branch into selling trees and shrubs himself. He built a building, put up some shade areas and hired Bob Pond, as his right hand man (and like the McSherry’s, Bob has some incredible stories to tell from “back in the day”), and so was the beginning of McSherry’s Nursery.

Tom’s son, Ned, joined the company working alongside his dad from 1967 to 1972. Ned worked with landscape designs, planting for homeowners as well as for commercial properties. Tom’s daughter, Gail, began her life at the nursery with her passion, buying and selling antiques. Gail soon became more involved with plants and began selling annuals and perennials as a natural compliment to the shrubs.

Today, we are proud to be on our third generation of McSherry’s. Gail’s daughters, Paige and Bethany are the third generation to carry on the McSherry’s tradition. Pride, quality and knowledge were at the root and heart of McSherry’s when it was founded and still runs deep to this day.